Friday, January 13, 2012

Saphhire blue and turquoise

Poinsettias on Swirls Jumbo      
Poinsettias on Swirls Jumbo
Manolo Blahnik Gray Jeweled      
Manolo Blahnik Gray Jeweled
Reception: Flat Top Ranch        
Reception: Flat Top Ranch
Trevor Hirsch Photography        
Trevor Hirsch Photography
with themes that are a bit       
with themes that are a bit
powder or tiffany blue,          
powder or tiffany blue,
wedding day and Tiffany          
wedding day and Tiffany
Weddings by OMENGSKi             
Weddings by OMENGSKi
Tiffany Blue, Sage Green         
Tiffany Blue, Sage Green
Guest Book Anemone Wedding Tiffan
 Blue Flower Hallmark White     
Guest Book Anemone Wedding Tiffany Blue Flower Hallmark White
naucili mnogo toga   to ce       
naucili mnogo toga   to ce
A ball gown like this flowered   
A ball gown like this flowered
trendy wedding invitations       
trendy wedding invitations
And I bought these sparkly sandal
 as a back up and for Day After
And I bought these sparkly sandals as a back up and for Day After Beach
Tropical Wedding Photography     
Tropical Wedding Photography
Train Tulle Wedding Dress        
Train Tulle Wedding Dress
The tungsten wedding rings are sc
atch resistant .Tungsten is twic
 as hard                         
The tungsten wedding rings are scratch resistant .Tungsten is twice as hard
Turquoise & White Freshwater     
Turquoise & White Freshwater
yellow, turquoise, and peacock   
yellow, turquoise, and peacock
Saphhire blue and turquoise      
Saphhire blue and turquoise

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